• At Horsetail, we do assessment differently.

    The purpose for undergoing an assessment project is to develop a strategy by identifying the current state and understanding the future business goals.

    What other technology assessments miss, is the correlation between the business goals and the technology.

    Horsetail’s BP&T is a full scale assessment that looks at every aspect of the business and technology. In addition to that program we also offer the below assessment programs. These programs are more specific and answer a technological question.

  • Our Managed Services fill in the gaps of your current IT staff or provide complete external IT staffing.

    What sets Horsetail apart is our specialization in highly regulated industries. The systems we use, the people we hire, the policies we follow all reflect our understanding of the regulations our clients face.

    Above all else, our focus is on our clients and the long term relationships we form with them. We look to form a symbiotic relationship: we are part of your staff and part of your team. Our purpose is to seamless integrate our company with yours provide a transparent and communicative relationship.

  • TaaS takes the cloud concept and the benefits of a cloud based management system to the next level.

    Technology as a Service provides technology at fixed monthly price. This includes physical hardware as well as hosted and cloud systems and everything in between. The goal is create a known budgeted price to deliver a complete solution that is upgraded as needed.

  • We are able to deliver this success because we embrace a project management methodology that serves to guide our project success.

    Every organization has long list of projects to complete each year. IT projects are particularly difficult because of the impact that those projects have on an organization.

    Horsetail takes this impact seriously and sets out to complete projects on-time and on-budget with minimal impact to the organizations that we serve.


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FEATURED POST | 06.27.2014

Flatten Your IT Budget by Outsourcing

Chris Sachse, Principal & Co-Founder, Horsetail Technologies
Most small and mid-size organizations have a hard time predicting their IT budgets for the year. After all, IT may not be able to predict when the organization a) hires new employees that need laptops or desktops, b) has to respond to a server issue by bringing in resources to identify and completely replace the machine, or c) may need resources to respond to cyber-security issues threatening the company’s data and customers’ private information. Even if you happen to come close to predicting the actual final cost at year-end, your month-to-month expenses may spike and then come back down based on the timing of issues that come up.   This generally leads to a situation where the person responsible for IT...